Providing information on parenting supports and services in Kildare and Wicklow

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Name of Service or SupportDESSA
Does your support or service cover all of Co. Kildare?
  • Yes
Description of Service or Support:

DESSA provides advocacy support to families of children and young people experiencing disability. DESSA also delivers an advocacy programme called Empowering Parents. The aim of this programme is to support parents to acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively advocate on behalf of their children.
Empowering Parents will:
• Show parents new ways of thinking about their child’s disability, which will help them to see new possibilities and ways of doing things
• tell parents about their child’s rights, and how to achieve them
• explain who can help parents to get what you need from public services and the local community
• help parents to build confidence and keep their spirits up and meet other parents

Support/Service Category
  • Disability
  • Information and Advice
Service or Support Provided by:Advocacy and Information Support
Who is this service or support for?

Parents and guardians of children and young people who experience disability.

Where is the service or support provided?

DESSA delivers the Empowering Parents programme across the county.

When is the service or support provided?Between September and May
How much does it cost?No cost to parents
How does someone find out more about how to use this service/support?

Contact Alice Griffin, DESSA at or Tel 086 6011613