Providing information on parenting supports and services in Kildare and Wicklow

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Name of Service or SupportKildare Library and Arts Service
Does your support or service cover all of Co. Kildare?
  • Yes
Description of Service or Support:

The Kildare Library and Arts Service offer a unique community space enabling education and discovery through our collections, e-courses and lectures, a space for inspiration through our author visits, creative writing groups and programming, a space for creativity and imagination through workshops and festivals, and finally a meeting space to nourish connections within our community.
By connecting, consulting and working collaboratively with all stakeholders, we commit to provide, promote and enable learning, recreation, culture, heritage and well-being for all stages of life within our community.

Support/Service Category
  • Arts and Culture
  • Education & Training
  • Enterprise and Employment
  • Family Support
  • Information and Advice
  • Parent Support
  • Physical Health
Service or Support Provided by:Kildare County Council
Who is this service or support for?

All members of our community.

Where is the service or support provided?

Throughout County Kildare.

When is the service or support provided?All Year.
How much does it cost?Free of Charge.
How does someone find out more about how to use this service/support?