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Name of Service or SupportNewbridge Family Resource Centre
Description of Service or Support:

Newbridge Family Resource Centre provides quality affordable services and programmes to the community of Newbridge through family support, community development, childcare services and the provision of information and support.

We specialise in the following:
- The provision of family support through one to one meetings & parenting programmes.
- The establishment and maintenance of new community groups to meet local needs and the delivery of services at local level (for example, childcare facilities, after-school clubs, men?s groups, etc.)
- Practical assistance to community groups (such as training, information, advice on how to address specific social issues, assistance with accessing funding and use of shared facilities).
- Education courses and training opportunities.
- Early Years Services including ECCE Scheme (Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme - free Pre-School place), CCS (Community Childcare Subvention) Programme & a Parent & Toddler Group.
- After-school clubs.
- The provision of counselling and support to individuals.
- Developing capacity and leadership within communities.
- Supporting personal and group development.
- Supporting networking within the community.

Service or Support Provided by:Newbridge Family Resource Centre
Who is this service or support for?

Everyone living in the Newbridge area

Where is the service or support provided?

Newbridge Famly Resource Centre, Dara Park, Newbridge, Co.Kildare
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When is the service or support provided?We are open Monday through to Friday and always welcome callers to drop in or give us a call to make an appointment for a chat.
How much does it cost?Most services are either low-cost or free.
How does someone find out more about how to use this service/support?

Drop in or give us a call on 045 438173.
Our website is