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Programme NameEmbrace the Awkward - talking to your kids about growing up
Summary of Topics Covered

Many parents have the idea—the hope—that they can have a single, excruciatingly embarrassing talk with their kids about sex and sort of have it over with… once and for all. You've probably already discovered that it doesn't exactly work that way.

Kids' bodies, hormones, and thinking change dramatically throughout childhood, puberty, and into young adulthood, so it's important to get comfortable with ongoing dialogue about all the awkward things

This presentation aims to begin to equip parents and other caring adults to raise young adults to have healthy, supportive and consensual relationships. Attendees will learn why conversations about sex and sexuality are difficult, but why they are still important for families to discuss. Participants will come away with simple first steps to get moving comfortably with this part of parenting.

Age group of child/ren that course applies toChildren and Pre-teens
Who is this course/event for?Parents and professionals working with children
Venue DetailsOnline
Start Date18/10/2022
End Date18/10/2022
Start Time07:00 PM
Finish Time08:00 PM
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Programme providerKildare Library Service
Name of FacilitatorSarah Sproule