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Programme NameSibling Bullying
Summary of Topics Covered

This is a talk about an overlooked and unrecognised form of bullying. Sibling Bullying is different from the usual family rows and bickering. It is more prevalent than school bullying. Research consistently finds that between one third and one half of people experience it. Because it is a subject not talked about, it is difficult for parents to recognise and manage. Victims of sibling bullying often suffer life-long distress and/or mental health difficulties.

This talk aims to inform the community what it is, what it looks like, how to recognise it, and how to deal with it. This talk is also for victims of sibling bullying to help validate and understand their experiences.

Emma O'Friel did a masters thesis in Psychology (M.Psych.Sc) on Sibling Bullying at University College Dublin, and wrote in the Irish Times Health Supplement on the subject.

Age group of child/ren that course applies toAll ages
Who is this course/event for?Parents
Location:Video Recording
If Other, please name:Online
Venue DetailsOnline
Start Date31/12/2023
End Date31/12/2023
Start Time12:00 AM
Finish Time12:00 AM
FrequencyThis talk is recorded and is available to view at any time that suits you
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Programme providerKildare Library Service Lets talk about Parenting Programme
Name of FacilitatorEmma O'Friel