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Name of Service or Support
The Strengthening Families Programme
Description of Service or Support:
The Strengthening Families Programme is a 14 week family skills course to help parents/care-givers and their child/children aged 7-17 develop and build positive relationships.

Topics for parents include; Encouraging good behaviour, family meetings, communication skills, handling peer pressure, managing stress, problem solving and giving directions and setting limits.

Topics for Teen include; Speaking and listening skills, staying cool in conflict, speaking up for yourself, Being who you want to be, problem solving and coping with criticism and anger.

Topics for children include; Speaking and listening skills, problem solving, learning through play and understanding rewards.
Service or Support Provided by:
Interagency Group of Organisations
Who is this service or support for?
This course is for all families who wish to improve communication and relationships within their family. The next programme will take place in Newbridge from September-December 2016.
Where is the service or support provided?
Celbridge, Newbridge and Athy.
When is the service or support provided?
Wednesday evenings from 5.30-8.30 pm
How much does it cost?
This course is free of charge.
How does someone find out more about how to use this service/support?
There will be an Information Session for organisations and services on the 15th of March in Newbridge.
For further information please call Debbie Garry on: 086-0264352