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Name of Service or Support
Drug Prevention & Education Initiative, For?ige
Description of Service or Support:
Parenting courses available;

Teen Choices

This course looks at steps every parent can take to build their children's knowledge, confidence and ability to make good choices about drugs,alcohol and smoking (and other pressures they might come up against) in the teenage years.

Topics for parents include;
Drug Awareness: What's out there for Teens today, Drug Prevention: What works and what parents can do to help, Talking about drugs and alcohol with Teens using open, positive communication skills: best form of prevention, Building Teenager's assets; the building blocks for healthiness and happiness. Resilient Teens: How to support Teens so they are able to handle peer pressure. If they do experiment: Signs and symptoms and the right steps to take if you are concerned.

How to Build Self-Esteem and Life-Skill in Children and Teens

This course looks at ways that parents can build their children and teen's: Confidence and self-esteem, decision making skills, assertiveness, ability to stand up for themselves and deal with peer pressure. As well as ways to build positive communication in the family which helps children and teens: talk about what is going on in their lives, get worries or problems that they have off their chest and listen to their parents and take their advice.
Service or Support Provided by:
For?ige, National Youth Organisations funded through the South Western Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force
Who is this service or support for?
Courses are for all parents who wish to update their knowledge, improve communication with their child, gain practical skills to support their teen to make postive choices and increase their confidence and self-esteem.
Where is the service or support provided?
Kildare, West Wicklow and South Dublin (excluding the Local Drug Task Force area) please contact me for further information.
When is the service or support provided?
Courses can be deliver over 4 weeks or 1 day course.
How much does it cost?
Both courses are free of charge.
How does someone find out more about how to use this service/support?
For further information please call Debbie Garry on: 086- 0264352