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Programme NameNavigating Sleep from birth to 3 years
Summary of Topics Covered

In this talk Erica from Babogue Sleep Solutions will address;

Why Sleep is so Important

What happens when we sleep

Child sleep challenges - why they occur & what they are

Typical baby/toddler sleep guidelines

Understanding sleep cycles

How to lay sleep foundations

What to expect from birth to 3.5 years (overview of each phase and stage)

Sleep Resources

There will be Q&A time at the end!

Age group of child/ren that course applies toBirth to 3 years
Who is this course/event for?Parents
Venue DetailsOnline
Start Date15/11/2022
End Date15/11/2022
Start Time07:00 PM
Finish Time08:30 PM
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Programme providerKildare Library Service
Name of FacilitatorErica Hargaden

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