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Programme NameParenting when alone or post separation
Summary of Topics Covered

Everyday life demands much of us, many of us have multiple roles to play in any one day, parent, sibling, friend, partner, employee, colleague to name but a few. It can feel that we are been stretched in many directions and that there are cracks in every piece of the puzzle. Finding a way to balance what you have and what you can give is key to parenting and to family well-being. As parents we are there to meet the needs of our children but to do this, we must meet our own needs first. This workshop will support you to identify what happens when needs are not met, what behaviours come about and what challenges present. By finding ways to meet needs, behaviours can change and challenges decrease. Remember the key is need = emotion= behaviour. When parenting alone or parenting post separation it is vital you find the time to understand needs and emotions, not only those of your children but yours too.

Age group of child/ren that course applies toAll
Who is this course/event for?Lone parents or post separation
Location:Other, Co. Kildare
If Other, please name:Online
Venue DetailsOnline
Start Date25/11/2021
End Date25/11/2021
Start Time07:00 PM
Finish Time08:15 PM
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Programme providerKildare Library Service - Lets talk about Parenting Programme
Name of FacilitatorOne Family

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