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Programme Name
Resilience for Parents in the Workplace - the Life/Work Balance
Summary of Topics Covered
Resilience at work is now recognised as a defining characteristic of employees who deal well with the stress and strains of the modern workplace. However, there are times, when we may feel so overwhelmed, juggling family life, work life and meeting all our financial responsibilities, that finding time for ourselves to reflect on how we are dealing with these challenges, can be difficult. Glenna will discuss the importance of resilience as well as several options which can sustain us through challenging times - or example self care, asking for help, and compassion for ourselves as we begin look at ways to ensure a better quality of life, not just in the workplace but in the home.
Age group of child/ren that course applies to
All ages
Who is this course/event for?
Celbridge, Co. Kildare
Venue Details
Celbridge Community Library, St Patrick's Park Celbridge Co Kildare W23 VA47
Start Date
End Date
Start Time
07:00 pm
Finish Time
08:00 pm
Once off
How to book a place?
[email protected] or 01 6272207
Programme provider
Kildare Library & Arts Service
Name of Facilitator
Glenna Benson, Parent & Relationship Mentor / Corporate Well Being

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