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Name of Service or Support
Preparing For Life home visiting, Newbridge & Curragh Family Resource Centres
Description of Service or Support:
Home visiting programme for families expecting or who have a new baby in the Newbridge, Curragh, Kildare Town, Kilcullen and Allenwood areas.
Mentors work alongside parents from pregnancy to when the child starts school.
When you join one of our mentors will visit you every month with information and activities based around child development and parenting. Your mentor will help you make the best decisions for you and your baby. Our mentors are friendly and flexible and will be non-judgmental and respectful of your role as a parent.

Your mentor will bring easy to understand tip sheets with information and activities on:
 Pre-birth care for you and your baby
 Physical development of your baby
 Rest and routine
 Safety and supervision
 Parental supports
 Nutrition
 Cognitive, emotional and social development
 Parenting skills and coping with family challenges
Service or Support Provided by:
Newbridge Family Resource Centre & Curragh Family Resource Centre
Who is this service or support for?
Anyone who is expecting or is a parent of a newborn and who lives in the areas of Newbridge, Curragh, Kildare Town, Allenwood or Kilcullen can apply to join our home visiting programme. We will work with mam, dad and any-one else who looks after the parenting of the baby.
Where is the service or support provided?
Visits usually take place in your home but can be organised elsewhere in the community if that suits you better.
When is the service or support provided?
Visits are usually once a month and take place at a time that suits you.
How much does it cost?
This is a free service.
How does someone find out more about how to use this service/support?
Contact Amy on 086 4611333 or Wendy on 087 9658816, our Mentors
Or e-mail:
You are always welcome to pop in to us in Newbridge Family Resource Centre, Dara Park, Newbridge for further details of our services.


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